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Let's Talk About Writing.

Writer's block.

Let's Talk About Writing.

viggo and orli by jenlynn820

A forum for Vigorli writers to share, to discuss, to debate.

Writer's block.

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Orli Turkey
 I am itching to write a multi-chapter VigOrli. 

Really itching. 

But for some reason, I just can't get going. Started it many times, with many different plot bunnies, got maybe one chapter going, and then dumped it as not good enough. I know the basic way that I want the story to go. I am talking modern day, present time AU. Angst, hurt/comfort, fluffy moments. Sex. The works, basically. 

What I am probably lacking is confidence. 

There are so many great, long, V/O Au's out there, how can I make mine worth reading? 

I want to read a really great, long, angsty, H/C AU and since no one is writing at the moment, I guess what I want is to make my own. 

If I could only get going. *sigh* 

Any advice, people? 

Lena XXX
  • What's the conflict? A story without a conflict to solve fizzles out. Give your character a conflict or problem, then figure out how he'll solve it to get what he wants, and write down the "bones" of the story to see where it'll head. Once you decide that, you can fill in the blanks with details. :)

    angiepen gave me this advice. When I got stuck she told me to talk her through it in email, explaining why the protagonist had a problem, what it was, and how it would be resolved. When I had done that she told me I had just written out my plot. I never realized it worked that way before. I mean, loosely, kind of. But not quite in those words, and it helped me to think of it as that simple. Maybe it'll help you too.

    Best of luck. :)
    • I have a clear idea of the conflict, hon. The problem is as you say how to solve it in an original way. I don't just want to go down the road of all Orlando's problems are solved by falling in love with Viggo. It can help, but I need more. I will do as you suggest and write out the bones of the story, then maybe the rest will eventually fall into place. Thanks for that.
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