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Let's Talk About Writing.

There is no love without OV.

Let's Talk About Writing.

viggo and orli by jenlynn820

A forum for Vigorli writers to share, to discuss, to debate.


22nd March 2009

(no subject)

Beanie BlueSmile
After careful consideration I've created a community for celebrating Sean Bean's 50th birthday. Why another community? Because this one comes with a twist... It's for the VigOrli girls who up to this point haven't thought about writing a fic for Beanie. Now you might! Go over to vo_love_sbean and check it out.

Dear mods, if you think this post is inappropriate, please delete it. Thanks!

17th February 2008


Ben lounging
Okay, so. Feedback. Comments. Reviews.

I suppose that everyone enjoys feedback (apart from flames, that is - although I've noticed that in some cases one can learn from it!). But is it just nice to receive comments (in LJ), or is it more than that? How important is it to you as a writer?

Also, which kind of FB do you prefer; comments that let you know that the reader enjoys your story ("I love this", "yay, an update!" etc.), or comments that discuss the plot, and comment on the happenings of the story and the actions of the characters? Or is it all good? :P

Do you like answering feedback?

I know this isn't a question specific to our fandom only, but we're all writers here, so it might be nice to discuss it in any case :)

16th December 2007

My dear fellow Viggorli writers, I need your help.

I'm about to finish my vo_xmas story and I am in need of a beta reader.

My story will be appr. 8-10 pages (TNR, 12pt) when it's finished, and since English isn't my first language, I definitely need someone to beta my story for me.

Of course it would be best if the beta reader(s) wasn't/weren't taking part in this year's vo_xmas...

Oh, and of course, I'm late again, so it would be great if the beta reading could be done by Tuesday.

Any takers? Please?

(I hope it's okay to post something like this in this comm. If not - please let me know, and I'll remove this post asap.)

30th November 2007

Does anyone know the order that the ROTK premieres occurred in? I need to know for my V/O secret santa fic, and am basically looking for a chronological list with location and date. Would be useful if I also had which actors were at each premiere but not essential

Thanks kids

27th November 2007

Writer's block.

Orli Turkey
 I am itching to write a multi-chapter VigOrli. 

Really itching. 

But for some reason, I just can't get going. Started it many times, with many different plot bunnies, got maybe one chapter going, and then dumped it as not good enough. I know the basic way that I want the story to go. I am talking modern day, present time AU. Angst, hurt/comfort, fluffy moments. Sex. The works, basically. 

What I am probably lacking is confidence. 

There are so many great, long, V/O Au's out there, how can I make mine worth reading? 

I want to read a really great, long, angsty, H/C AU and since no one is writing at the moment, I guess what I want is to make my own. 

If I could only get going. *sigh* 

Any advice, people? 

Lena XXX

14th November 2007

(no subject)

Ben lounging
The meaning of vigorli_writers is to function as a forum for all who write in the VigOrli fandom. Welcome! :)

Plot bunnies that need adoption? Bring them on! Polls, questions? Go ahead, ask them. We'll be happy to answer.

NZ timeline? The story behind the scar on Viggo's upper lip? There surely is someone who knows; don't be afraid to ask. Why did Orlando choose to have a sun tattoo'd on his belly? *g* No, really, does anyone know?

The writing process, characterization, writer's block, plot holes - we all have struggled with something or other at some point. Sharing is caring; we will support each other. And it's not forbidden, either, to nudge your favourite author about an update that is due. ;)

Join, watch, discuss. Ask, share, debate. As long as it's V/O, it's all good. :)
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