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Let's Talk About Writing.

Beta Help Needed

Let's Talk About Writing.

viggo and orli by jenlynn820

A forum for Vigorli writers to share, to discuss, to debate.

Beta Help Needed

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My dear fellow Viggorli writers, I need your help.

I'm about to finish my vo_xmas story and I am in need of a beta reader.

My story will be appr. 8-10 pages (TNR, 12pt) when it's finished, and since English isn't my first language, I definitely need someone to beta my story for me.

Of course it would be best if the beta reader(s) wasn't/weren't taking part in this year's vo_xmas...

Oh, and of course, I'm late again, so it would be great if the beta reading could be done by Tuesday.

Any takers? Please?

(I hope it's okay to post something like this in this comm. If not - please let me know, and I'll remove this post asap.)
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